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    modem is an emerging practice with expertise in software, architecture, urban design, and digital fabrication.  Objects and environments in development include gallery and site installations, social media-enabled furniture and experiments in architectural representation made from fur and typewriters.  In 2017-18 modem is partnering with a diverse team of professionals to imagine iconic and implementable solutions to the threats of climate change and sea level rise, as part of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge.  Deploying humor, technology, and human-centered adaptation of familiar routines and objects, modem sidesteps the debilitating dialectic of anxiety and avoidance that can surround climate and environmental change.  modem lives and works in the remarkable city of Oakland, California.


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    Kathryn Moll is an architect and partner at modem who has practiced in the public and education sectors, managing the design and construction of LEED-certified and net-positive energy projects. Most recently, Kate was a Project Architect at WRNS Studio, San Francisco. Licensed Architect, California C34538.


    Nicholas de Monchaux is a partner at modem.  He is also Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at UC Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media. Nicholas is the author of Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo and Local Code: 3,659 Proposals about Data, Design, and the Nature of Cities. He is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome.


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    6050 Lowell St. Unit 213
    Oakland, CA 94608 USA


    + 1 510 338 6700